Year: 2014

Phil Eaglesham responds to Nina Varswani on trauma and young prisoners

Phil Eaglesham is a Health Improvement Programme Manager for NHS Health Scotland, a mental health nurse, an artist / musician and a childhood victim of murder. For more on public health and justice see our Health and (In)justice issue from

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New scoping study sets out a way forward for tackling female genital mutilation (FGM) in Scotland

Nina Murray is Women’s Policy Officer at Scottish Refugee Council and author of the FGM report. Our launch issue featured articles on FGM in Scotland by Niki Kandirikirira and John Fotheringham. On 17 December at a packed event in Glasgow,

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Vision for young people in custody launched by Scottish Prison Service

Dr Gill Robinson is Professional Advisor for the Young People’s Strategy with the Scottish Prison Service. On December 4th the SPS launched its new Vision for Young People in Custody at an event at HMYOI Polmont.  Following an introduction from

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Aberdeen Beach Boulevard and the Bouley Bashers: Response

Karen Lumsden is senior lecturer in sociology at Loughborough University. In this post she gives a researcher’s response to Kevin Wallace’s article on the ‘Bouley Bashers’. Aberdeen’s boy racers, known locally as Bouley Bashers, have a legacy dating back to

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Living it: children, young people and justice

Susie Cameron (HNC Social Care student), Claire Lightowler (Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice, University of Strathclyde) and Brian Rogers (Social Bites worker and student) are the guest editorial team for the November issue. Here they explain how their approach

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Stop and search in Scotland: the SPA scrutiny review and Police Scotland’s response

In May 2014, against a backdrop of media and political attention, the Scottish Police Authority published its Scrutiny Review on stop and search. The Review raised several key questions: Does stop and search work? What constitutes a successful outcome? And

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Call for police stop and search legislation

There’s been a surge of interest in stop and search on both sides of the border in recent weeks, as the Home Secretary and the Scottish Police Authority presented their respective conclusions on the use of this controversial power. Both

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Art in prison is a dangerous thing

Art in prison is a dangerous thing. It is dangerous because art is about being bothersome – asking difficult questions, challenging what everyone else takes for granted, triggering deep emotions. And prison is about keeping trouble to a minimum. Art

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The importance of arts for prison education

For me, the comment below emailed to me by an art teacher about one of his students sums up both why I believe the arts are so important in prisons (the prisoner was previously disruptive and spent periods of time

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