Year: 2015

Policing by numbers

In another of her posts on policing, Kath Murray comments on police officer statistics. Source: Scottish Government, 2015 (* Note the condensed y-axis.) Recently, the Sunday Herald published an article on police officers numbers in Scotland. This suggested that the number

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Sentencing and the Allure of Imprisonment

Sentencing and Benevolent Imprisonment: why Rehabilitation Should Not be a Ground for Custodial Sentencing Cyrus Tata is Professor of Law and Criminal Justice, Centre for Law, Crime and Justice, Strathclyde University Law School. The Scottish Prison Service is transforming itself

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Redesigning Community Justice in Scotland?

Katrina Morrison is a lecturer in criminology at Edinburgh Napier University. ‘Redesigning Community Justice’ is the latest in a long list of reforms which have sought to organise the administration and delivery of community justice in Scotland. As I have

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Policing, postcodes and poverty: stop and search and class

Kath Murray is an SCCJR research associate at the University of Edinburgh. For over three decades, public and political debate on the use of stop and search ‘has been inescapably linked to “race”’. In Scotland however, a different narrative has emerged in the

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Turning off the tap: policy and practice for women in criminal justice in Scotland

Alec Spencer is convenor of the Scottish Consortium on Crime and Criminal Justice and Anne Pinkman is convenor of the Scottish Working Group on Women Offenders. This is the text of a joint document submitted to Michael Matheson, Justice Secretary

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Devolving the British Transport Police: unanswered questions

Genevieve Lennon is Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of Strathclyde. For her latest book ‘Routledge Handbook of Law and Terrorism’ go to The Justice Secretary, Michael Matheson, announced in March that the functions of the British Transport Police (BTP)

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The launch of Scottish Drug Policy Conversations

Anna Ross, a doctoral researcher, and Mike McCarron, a concerned citizen, members of the SDPC Steering Group, explain why they and others have initiated Scottish Drug Policy Conversations. We live in exciting and critical times. Across Scotland a wave of

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After HMP Inverclyde: where power lies in Scotland’s penal reform debate

Mike Nellis considers the wider challenges of penal reform in Scotland and in particular the implications for women who are affected by the justice system, following the HMP Inverclyde decision. His comments are prompted by the SCCCJ seminar held earlier

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STIR: prisoner arts magazine by prisoners for prisoners celebrates 10th issue

This blog post was contributed by the STIR editorial team based at HMP Shotts. The creative arts provide a valuable outlet for people from all walks of life. As a template for self-expression, they provide a constructive means for expressing

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SJM’s environmental crime and justice issue

Hazel Croall is consulting editor of the SJM, and theme editor of the special issue on environmental crime and justice published last month. She is also Professor Emerita at Glasgow Caledonian University. Continuing our series of editors’ posts, she reflects

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