Month: February 2015

The Inverclyde prison decision: is this the end of penal populism?

Jim Watson, Communications and Information co-ordinator with Positive Prison? Positive Futures considers some of the politics in relation to the decision not to proceed with HMP Inverclyde. Positive Prison? Positive Futures is a community of interest which draws upon the

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Stop and search in Scotland: legality and accountability

Kath Murray is an SCCJR research associate at the University of Edinburgh. Stop and search hit the headlines over a year ago, and the controversy shows little sign of abating. Following the recent revelations by the BBC that officers are

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Small and local: Scandinavian prison model for Scotland?

Alec Spencer is convenor of the Scottish Consortium on Crime and Criminal Justice and is an Honorary Professor at Stirling University. He was previously a prison governor and Director of Rehabilitation and Care (SPS). I welcome both Michael Matheson’s decision

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Kenny MacAskill calls for a consensual approach to penal politics after Inverclyde

Kenny MacAskill was Cabinet Secretary for Justice from 2007 to November 2014. This is an edited version of an article appearing in today’s edition of The National ( Michael Matheson deserves great credit for his decision not to proceed with

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