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Electronic monitoring: reflections on a GPS technology test

Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Michael Matheson, reports on a possibly unique electronic monitoring trial of GPS technology in Scotland using the first hand experiences of volunteers. Earlier this year almost fifty volunteers from justice organisations across the country took part

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Letters to the Cabinet Secretary for Justice (2)

We ran our first competition for Advanced Higher Modern Studies students this spring with the following challenge. “There will be a new Scottish Parliamentary session beginning after the election in May 2016. Write an email or letter to the new

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Justice Watch: Edinburgh Week 5

In her fourth post reporting on the Women for Independence #JusticeWatch initiative, Maggie Mellon queries waste, fines and poverty and something odd about domestic abuse cases. Blunders, mix ups and waste of time and money After two previous court visits

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Justice Watch: Edinburgh Day 3

In this third part of her #JusticeWatch blog Maggie Mellon finds court more and more interesting – and depressing. Where are the social workers? This week I did not get to visit the court until the Friday after Easter weekend.

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Justice Watch: Launch Day Edinburgh Part 2

In this second part of her #JusticeWatch blog Maggie Mellon reflects on women accused of domestic abuse. There were three women listed as having been in police custody over the weekend or part of it, and friendly court staff told

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Justice Watch: Launch Day Edinburgh Part 1

Maggie Mellon on Day 1 of Justice Watch. Like a good few other women I spent yesterday watching justice in Scotland’s courts. The day started for me with a trip to BBC Scotland’s Edinburgh studio at 7.30 for a quick

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Sentencing and Release from Prison: the End of ‘Automatic Early Release’?

In the first of three posts on current issues in sentencing in Scotland, Cyrus Tata considers the radical new arrangements governing the release of prisoners in Scotland that have just come into force. What are they and what impact will

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