What is Scottish Justice Matters?

Scottish Justice Matters has been set up by the Scottish Consortium on Crime and Criminal Justice. The Editorial Board is a sub-group of the SCCCJ and is accountable to it.

The aim of the publication is to support the objectives of the Consortium in ways which complement its other activities. Our Editorial Board draws on the mix of membership from the voluntary sector, academic institutions and other experienced people.

Scottish Justice Matters aims to be lively, accessible, informative, inclusive, outward looking and sustainable.

What is the SCCCJ?

The Scottish Consortium on Crime and Criminal Justice (SCCCJ) is an alliance of organisations and individuals committed to better criminal justice policies. The Consortium draws on the experience and knowledge of its members, to examine issues relating to crime and criminal justice in Scotland. It works to stimulate well informed debate and to promote discussion and analysis of new ideas. It seeks a rational, humane, inclusive and constructive approach to crime and justice in Scotland and in so doing promotes the advancement of good citizenship, human rights, conflict resolution and reconciliation.

Does Scottish Justice Matters have any connection with Criminal Justice Matters?

No, we are a completely separate project. Criminal Justice Matters is published by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, an independent charity based in London. However, readers who are familiar with Criminal Justice Matters will recognise that we have adopted its theme and other content structure, and also the virtue of short, accessibly written articles. Thank you for the inspiration!

How do I get a paper copy?

We have opted for digital publication with an additional print on demand option from HP MagCloud. This costs about $11.80 (plus p&p). Copies seem to be arriving in about a week to UK addresses, despite the longer delivery estimates published on the Magcloud site.

How often are you going to publish?

We published three times a year from June 2013 to April 2017. However, other than a planned summer issue for August 2017, we no longer have the funds to continue beyond that.

Sounds like a great project! How can I support it?

Donate: you can support Scottish Justice Matters (via the SCCCJ) on MyDonate using the big purple button to the right.
Buy a hard copy: by choosing the print on demand option from MagCloud you contribute about $2.00 to the project.
Advertise: for enquiries contact advertise@scottishjusticematters.com

How do I submit an article?

Have a look at our instructions to authors. You should then contact us at editor@scottishjusticematters.com with an outline of your proposal. This is will be considered by one or more of the editors. However, you should bear in mind that we plan our themed content well in advance of publication and that this content is curated by guest editors.

‘Current issues’ articles will be selected more pragmatically and would normally be by invitation from the Editorial Board. Although this is not a peer-reviewed academic publication and we welcome a range of voices and perspectives, content should normally be evidence based or reflect a well argued, informed professional or experiental perspective.

How do I comment?

If you wish to respond to an article or editorial please contact editor@scottishjusticematters.com.

There are opportunities for additional comment on our Blog.

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