Hopes and expectations

MM(Andrews)So that’s that. The launch issue is ready for publication on Monday June 10th and the mission at the moment is to promote Scottish Justice Matters to ensure that there will be readers come the day!

We hope that our wee publication will be useful especially to those working in criminal justice in Scotland, researching it, teaching about it and making policy. We hope that it will also be a way in to Scottish justice for those of you in other jurisdictions near and far. We hope that readers will feel that it is their Journal and a good place to communicate their expertise.

And – we hope that it will be possible to look forward to 3 editions in 2013 and to increase our pages from 32 to at least 40.

The last few months of dedicated work by those our stellar Editorial Board have been very much about starting up the project from scratch, writing the process papers, figuring out the publication options. We expect to continue developing the project by balancing our principle of free and accessible content with paying our way. We also expect that there will be tricky decisions to make in order to do so.

If you feel that you can help fund this project in any way please contact me at editor@scottishjusticematters.com

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