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Justice Watch: Edinburgh Week 5

In her fourth post reporting on the Women for Independence #JusticeWatch initiative, Maggie Mellon queries waste, fines and poverty and something odd about domestic abuse cases. Blunders, mix ups and waste of time and money After two previous court visits

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Justice Watch: Launch Day Edinburgh Part 2

In this second part of her #JusticeWatch blog Maggie Mellon reflects on women accused of domestic abuse. There were three women listed as having been in police custody over the weekend or part of it, and friendly court staff told

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A reflection on domestic abuse in the Grampian area: policing and the justice system

Janine Ewen is Co-Director of Grampian Women’s Aid appointed in 2015 to work on policy and governance. It is her intention to convert personal experience and circumstance into improving the outcomes for other women and children who have endured domestic

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