June 2013: Reform issue

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Theme articles: Reform in Scottish Criminal Justice

All Change (.77MB) Elish Angiolini explains why the Commission for Women Offenders recommended radical reforms to the delivery of justice in Scotland

Reform? Revisit? Replace? (.81MB) Michelle Miller argues in favour of keeping criminal justice social work in local authorities while Fergus McNeill inclines towards a new national community justice social work service

Making sense of a radically changing landscape (.82MB) Nicholas Fyfe comments on the the key contours of police reform in Scotland.

Prosecution Perspectives (.77MB) Catherine Dyer on the legal, technological and organisational changes relating to prosecution

Getting a Good Hearing? (.74MB) Maggie Mellon welcomes the Children’s Hearings reforms but says more needs to be done.

Eyes and Ears of the Community (.77MB) Mary Munro offers a short history of the reform of Prison Visiting Committees.

Current issues

Beyond the Revolving Court Door (.79MB) Cyrus Tata asks if it is time for Problem Solving Courts in Scotland.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Scotland (.88MB) Niki Kandirikirira explains why FGM is an issue for Scotland and John Fotheringham explains the law.

A Day’s Work (.82MB) Allan Weaver reflects on the challenges and routines of a criminal justice social work manager.


The F-word (.83MB) Greg Berman and Aubrey Fox on learning from failure in criminal justice reform in the USA


Being True to Yourself (.77MB) Shortly after annoucing his retirement Hugh Monro talked to Nancy Loucks about his four years as Chief Inspector of Prisons in Scotland

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