Women and Justice: November 2017

What progress has been made in Scottish justice five years on from the publication of the report of the Commission on Women Offenders (Angiolini)? Guest edited by Anne Pinkman, this issue focuses on women who have committed offences and justice in Scotland. Read on . . .

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Theme articles: women and justice

Editorial: guest editor Anne Pinkman reviews the context of the Angiolini Commission, its consequences and present challenges
Women and Criminal Justice in Scotland

Margaret Malloch of the University of Stirling, argues that justice responses to women who commit offences must not be isolated from wider social and justice considerations Justice for Women: Scotland’s search for a penal utopia

Alan Staff, writing as CEO of Apex Scotland, reflects on how the implementation of partnership working is not straightforward
The Pitfalls of Partnership Working: bureaucracy and innovation in criminal justice.

Loraine Gelsthorpe, University of Cambridge, cautions about unintended consequences of a focus on sentencing women who offend and calls for a pause for thought.
Equal and Different: the sentencing of women in England and Wales

Tom Jackson, Head of Service Community Justice Glasgow, reviews the reality of commissioning services against the rhetoric of collaboration and strategy in community justice
Shifting the Money: commissioning for equality and community justice.

Yvonne Robson of Shine Mentoring, considers how difficult it is for women to leave the justice system, facing challenges of accommodation, finances, physical and mental health
Barriers to Desistance: how the system gets in the way of women’s progress out of criminal justice.

Linda de Caestecker, Director of Public Health for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, was one of the three commissioners responsible for the ‘Angiolini report’. In this interview with guest editor Anne Pinkman, she considers what has been achieved and what remains to be done.
Five Years On

Emma Trottier of Engender, considers the specific problem of accessing social security on leaving prison and questions of gender and social security more generally.
From Prison to Poverty.

RoseAnn Cameron writes as service manager of Routes Out Glasgow.
Routes out of Prostitution: a continuing need.

Sophie Humphreys introduces “Pause”: a new approach to women, trauma and pregnancy.
Creating Space for Change.

Kirstin Abercrombie explains the new Glasgow bail project for women.
Glasgow Women’s Supported Bail Service.

Karyn McCluskey and Rose McConnachie of Community Justice Scotland consider the importance of prevention including questions of housing provision and basic income.
Community Justice for Women? A view from 2017.

Josee Scott, Freedom Unlimited Enterprises, on the importance of jobs for people with convictions.
Breaking the cycle of re-offending through social enterprise.

Fiona Jamieson reports on two new community initiatives for women with convictions.
Women’s Centres: a new approach from the Robertson Trust

The power of creavity through making songs is explored by Alison Urie of Vox Liminis.
Escaping the Fog.

Caroline Johnstone of the Scottish Prison Service on changes to custodial provision for women in Scotland.
A New Vision for Women in Custody.

Laura Mulcahy and Nancy Loucks audit the recommendations of the Angiolini Commission. What has been achieved and what remains to be done?
Angiolini Commission: audit of progress.

Current Issues

Superintendent Rosie Wright on important changes to the way that Police Scotland responds to mental health calls.
Policing and Mental Health Triage in Scotland.

In his first article for publication, Kris MacPherson writes on the power of prison education to support desistance.
Rehabilitation and desistance through education? A perfect example of a ‘hook for change’.

Kenny Mackay argues that people with learning disabilities are doubly disadvantaged in Scottish criminal justice.
Balancing the Scales: what can be done to make the Scottish justice system fairer for people with learning disabilities.

A transformed Day in the Life of . . .
A Day in the Life of . . . a client of the 218 Centre, Glasgow.

Mary Munro with an update from the previous issue on restorative justice in Scotland.
Reporting back: developing restorative justice in Scotland.