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Open letter to Michael Matheson on the future of justice for women in Scotland

This letter has been sent on behalf of Women for Independence by Maggie Mellon. Michael Matheson Cabinet Secretary for Justice The Scottish Government 20 March 2015 Dear Michael Matheson, The future of justice for women in Scotland As you know,

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The Inverclyde prison decision: is this the end of penal populism?

Jim Watson, Communications and Information co-ordinator with Positive Prison? Positive Futures considers some of the politics in relation to the decision not to proceed with HMP Inverclyde. Positive Prison? Positive Futures is a community of interest which draws upon the

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Small and local: Scandinavian prison model for Scotland?

Alec Spencer is convenor of the Scottish Consortium on Crime and Criminal Justice and is an Honorary Professor at Stirling University. He was previously a prison governor and Director of Rehabilitation and Care (SPS). I welcome both Michael Matheson’s decision

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Kenny MacAskill calls for a consensual approach to penal politics after Inverclyde

Kenny MacAskill was Cabinet Secretary for Justice from 2007 to November 2014. This is an edited version of an article appearing in today’s edition of The National ( Michael Matheson deserves great credit for his decision not to proceed with

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Closing the protection gap for women in the asylum process

Nina Murray is Women’s Policy Officer at the Scottish Refugee Council. Readers of Scottish Justice Matters will be familiar with improvements in protection measures for survivors of violence against women in Scotland over the last decade or so. Developments around

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HMP Inverclyde women’s prison: invest in community projects to prevent offending

Maggie Mellon sums up the argument against the Scottish Prison Service’s proposal for substantial capital investment in a new women’s prison at HMP Inverclyde to replace HMP Cornton Vale. This is a version of a letter recently sent to the

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Aberdeen Beach Boulevard and the Bouley Bashers: Response

Karen Lumsden is senior lecturer in sociology at Loughborough University. In this post she gives a researcher’s response to Kevin Wallace’s article on the ‘Bouley Bashers’. Aberdeen’s boy racers, known locally as Bouley Bashers, have a legacy dating back to

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Living it: children, young people and justice

Susie Cameron (HNC Social Care student), Claire Lightowler (Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice, University of Strathclyde) and Brian Rogers (Social Bites worker and student) are the guest editorial team for the November issue. Here they explain how their approach

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Hopes and expectations

So that’s that. The launch issue is ready for publication on Monday June 10th and the mission at the moment is to promote Scottish Justice Matters to ensure that there will be readers come the day! We hope that our wee

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